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what is an electric vehicle (EV)?

there are 3 basic types of vehicles

1. plug-in EV

This vehicle is powered by an all-electric motor, which uses energy stored in a rechargeable battery.

2. plug-in hybrid EV

This vehicle is powered by an electric motor and a rechargeable battery. If the battery is depleted the engine can switch to gas to provide power until you fill up or plug in.

3. conventional hybrid

Conventional hybrid automobiles combine a small battery and a regular internal combustion (gas) engine to power the vehicle.

why are EV’s for me?

how EV’s can improve your driving experience

EV’s are fun to drive

With a low center of gravity and tons of low end torque the average electric car can perform like a sports car.

electricity is cheaper

When compared to gasoline, the average driver could save over $2,000 per year.

EV’s are low maintenance

EV's require less regular maintenance. Oil changes, engine tune-ups, and most other regular maintenance can be nearly eliminated.

electricity is cleaner

There are no tailpipe emissions when using an EV in electric mode.

electricity is produced locally

Using the existing, American-made electric grid to power cars, we could move towards energy independence.

EV Charger installation

level 1 Can plug directly into a 110 volt outlet, but has the slowest charging time. These units are portable and do not have to be mounted.

level 2 240 volt plug or hardwired units can reduce charging time and charge you up 3-5 times faster than level 1. Installation requires knowledge of electrical systems, codes, and some permits may be required. Tax credits or local utility incentives are available in some states and an experienced licensed electrician is suggested.

connecting to your power source

there are a few options for connecting your new charger to your home

level 1 Standard 110 volt outlet and plug

level 2 240 volt plug

level 2 Hard wired directly into your homes electrical system

The Dwyer Group (TDG)

The Dwyer Group (TDG) is the parent company of Mr. Electric and is an industry-leading international franchise organization encompassing seven service brands generating more than $800 million in annual revenue on over 1.5 million service calls.

Mr. Electric was rated #1 Electrical Repair Service Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine

Mr Electric offers a Free safety inspection and Electric Vehicle Readiness assessment with our partnership with KnowWhatYouDrive and Electric Safety Foundation International.

Customer Service is Our Specialty!

  • Licensed and insured
  • Background checks and drug testing for all technicians
  • Professional uniforms
  • Prominently displayed photo ID badges
  • Clean and clearly branded service vehicles

The Challenge

1. An electric vehicle uses this to power itself and turn its wheels.
Gasoline Engine
Electric Motor
Propane Engine
Wind Turbine
Try Again.
You chose the wrong asnwer
2. There is only one way to connect your electric vehicle charger to your homes power source including plug in and hard wired.
Try Again.
You chose the wrong asnwer
3. Who invented the electric vehicle?
Justin Bieber
Mr. Electric
Austin Powers
None of the above
Try Again.
You chose the wrong asnwer
4. Mr Electric offers a Free Electric Vehicle Readiness assessment with our partnership with KnowWhatYouDrive.
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